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5/29/1996 - 3/15/2011


We adopted our first whippet, Boothby from WRAP over three years ago. He arrived to his forever home in Maryland on Halloween, 10/31/2008. We kept his name "Boo"thby, since he arrived on Halloween, and it is also the name of a town in England where the Whippets were common.

Boothby opened our hearts as a Sr. rescue, and we so loved him and the breed, that we added another female 9 mos. later, and then another male rescue the following year.

The consummate traveler, he took a cross country journey to arrive at the beautiful red rock area of N. Az on March 4, 2011 before passing on to an even more beautiful location beyond the Rainbow Bridge :rainbow: .

We still miss him dearly, but the rest of our whippet family, Lisel and Forrest, help us cope each day by bringing such joy and happiness to our lives - just as Boothby did when he first joined our home.

He will forever be in our hearts!

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