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1997? - February 28, 2009

Dearest Pepper,

Do you remember how we first met? If you do not, I certainly do remember as if it was yesterday and I think that it is remarkable. In 2004, I just moved to Oregon from Colorado after putting my equine show partner to sleep after a long tough battle to cancer. When I moved to Oregon, I faced a terrible snowstorm and a terrible staff infection in my knee. On January 9th, I was at the local humane society looking for a dog to live in my apartment. I did not have much success and was worn out with my bad knee, so I was resting in a recliner in the volunteer's lounge. A medium-sized white and black dog came strolling in right after taking a bath. The little guy jumped into my lap and curled up and instantly fell asleep. That little guy was you, however, your name was not always named Pepper, it was Spot at the time.

You helped me heal my knee, so you earned a nickname "Dr. Pepper." You also helped me earn a Bachelor's along with a Master's Degree even though you tolerated my long nights of studying for an upcoming exam or presentation. You were always there cheering me on by laying right by me on my bed or curled up underneath my desk.

We went on many wonderful vacations together in 4 different states and met many wonderful people at dog parks, on the coast, or just down the street. We were pretty much inseparable and never left each other's sides even though I moved to two different locations. The first one, you were worried that I was going to leave you behind so in order to tell me not to leave you, you stood by my car while I was packing it up. However, once we were on the road to our new location, you curled up and fell asleep in my passenger seat. Whenever I was upset, you were right there with your big brown eyes and saying, "This shall pass soon."

I truly believe that it was fate that we found each other. I miss you greatly but I hope that you continue to look out for me during my hard times as well as cheering me now. As I write this to you from Earth, I am searching for a new Whippet, not to replace you but to pass my genine love to another dog. I feel that it is tribute to you that you helped me find this unique but wonderful breed. Again thank you for wonderful 5 years that we spent together and I hope that you enjoyed them too.

Love Always,
Your Mommy


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