Brigitte Greenberg

Brigitte Greenberg

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3rd November 1967 - 15th June 2011
(aka WW Member BrigitteGreen)

The following video memorial was created by Kesia Carlson from photos and video sent in by family and friends after Brigitte passed. This is the full video tribute played at the get-together following Brigitte's funeral on June 26, 2011.

The first two parts celebrate Brigitte's life from infancy to the amazing woman she became, including her college days at Northwestern and later covering the Gore-Lieberman campaign as an AP news reporter. The middle is devoted to Brigitte's work with WRAP, Whippet Rescue and Placement, particularly with her own sweet Daisy May. The final part features Brigitte and the world of whippets that she loved, including photos of outings of the Whippet Playdate club that Brigitte led.

To our daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, and hero. We miss you so much, Brigitte, and are grateful to have known you.

Brigitte never had to experience the terrible loss of losing one of her beloved whippets, though she did lose a feline family member Met-Met before her first whippet, Bambi, entered her life. Unfortunately since her passing 3 of her 'crew' have joined her at the Rainbow Bridge:

Daisy - 21st March 2012
Rudolph - 29th September 2012
& Summer - 24th March 2013

Our hearts go out to their new people who loved them and kept care of them for Brigitte.

No words could ever be enough so instead we have included several of the threads that were on the board during the time around Brigitte's passing. We hope these will give you a picture of the wonderful person, friend, family member, whippet advocate and whippet mum that Brigitte was.

In Loving Memory of Brigitte Greenberg (15 June 2011)

We've gone Green

Funeral arrangements have been made for Brigitte

Brigitte's Mom asked this be posted re her whippets

We also felt it would be nice to include the original thread from when Brigitte was still in the hospital and her facebook page

Prayers for Brigitte (nwr) UPDATED 06/13/11

Brigitte's Facebook Page

And her Whippet World signature

We Miss You! :rainbow:

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