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Shelbie was never a show dog nor did she lure course (tried it once but much prefered to hang out with the people). She dabbled in obedience but thought that was boring. She never won a ribbon in any 'professional' competition but what she did do was win people's hearts. A therapy dog who went beyond walls.

From bringing smiles to those who were sick or injured. To giving comfort to those who had lost everything (Hurricane Rita; Hurricane Ike). She even became the eyes for a blind dog who had just lost her owners, Shelbie always knew who needed her the most with a gentle touch of her paw and a warm lick.

A lover of all things, baby or infirmed, human or animal, Shelbie introduced me to a world I would have never known had it not been for her unique, little personality. Loveable, but never in a pesty way. A quiet, gentle soul. A most biddable dog. Loved to learn new things and learn them fast. Graduated first in all her obedience classes- Puppy K, Basic, Advanced, Polishing. Along the way, she taught me to show love openly and never be shy to say hello. Also when to stay quiet and listen and to be a real friend.


A real friend. That is what she was. I'll miss those deep, soul burning eyes whenever she looked at me. The same eyes I saw when I held her for the last time this morning. Only this time, the eyes were tired. She had been so sick for so long. As I held her on my lap, my arms craddled around her and with tears in our eyes, my vet and I both whispered to her "Good girl". And she was finally at rest. No longer struggling to lay down or to get up or to walk or to breathe. It was amoung the hardest thing I have ever had to do.


We'll miss you, sweet Shelbie. My sweetest of loves. :rose:

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