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Chesara's Seaspells Charade, FCh, MC
11/01/91 - 11/13/04

No tribute does you justice.
A stellar soul.
Vulnerable, yet unfailingly special.

Because of one little dog, I rekindled an old friendship, which blossomed and became the treasure that it is today. And I made new friends who enrich my life, complete me, give me opportunities to love and be loved.

Imagine. Such riches of the soul. Because of this one little dog.

She was six months old when I got her. The day before my birthday; my present to myself. I drove two hours, and came home, not with a little puppy, but a six month old dog named Evil. But she so wasn't. I thought the opposite of evil might be grace, so she was my Gracious.

A silly cross between an aardvark and Audrey Hepburn.

Because of one little dog, my husband learned he loved animals. He enjoyed the gifts that only come from souls who can't speak with words. He shared his bed, our bed, with this one little dog for twelve and a half years. He tucked her in, he earned her wags and kisses. He told her hush just last Monday. Don't, I said. Someday we'll miss that voice. That voice of joy and wisdom who said, "When there's nothing left to do, throw back your head and cry 'Ah-WOOOO!"

My one little dog had just one little puppy, and that one little puppy, Willow, comforted hundreds of humans. Touched hundreds of hurting souls. Oh, how I pray that Willow was there to welcome her dear, special Gracious today. How Willow
loved her Gracious.

Because of one little dog, I knew my adolescent son would turn out ok. I had only had her a couple of weeks when St. Opie the oafish lab knocked her cattywonkus into a tree, during a mutual pursuit of a tennis ball. She injured her neck and was instantly, although temporarily paralyzed. My fourteen year old son, who, for months had been nothing but surly, confrontational, angry, selfish... everything bad a frustrated teenager can be ... But because of this little dog, lying between us on the seat, crumpled and frightened, I saw a glimpse of the wonderful, caring, compassionate adult my son would become. Driving to the vet's, in the front of our pickup, he reached over Gracious and put his hand on my shoulder as I drove. "It's OK, Mom. Go ahead. Sometimes you just have to cry." And when he, the adult, called me unknowing tonight, and I told him, he said, "She was a great dog, Mom. She had such presence."

Because of this one little dog, countless Whippets have homes with my friends. I was going to list them all here, but I'm afraid I would lose you readers, or worse, leave someone out. People met Gracious and thought they'd like to have a dog like that.

Because of this one little dog, I have eight other Whippets looking at me, worried that I can't stop crying. I tell them I will stop. Because this one little dog gave me so many gifts, that soon, so soon her every memory will make me smile, make me appreciate, remind me of her spunky love.

Because of this one little dog, I walked thousands of miles. In sunshine, rain, mud, heat, snow, glorious days, gloomy evenings, being dragged on my belly behind a vanishing cottontail, singing her "rap" at the top of my lungs: Gracious is bodacious and a little loquacious! Woo-wooo she'd join in. And when she couldn't walk anymore, neither could I. I blamed my sore knees, but that wasn't it. Just couldn't make myself do it without her. Maybe I'll walk Sam I Am and Looch tomorrow. They would like that.

Because of one little dog, I know there is pure good in this world. I know I am so very fortunate. I know she inspired me to write; how can you repay a soul for bringing you so much? How oh how can my heart be so very full and so very empty, in the same broken breaths?

Because of one little sweetie pie. One special little dog.

Gracious, Queen of the Warburton Whippets 11/01/91 - 11/13/04

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