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Dual Ch. Chelsea Selena F.Ch. CD CRX ARX DPCX CGC
1993 - 2005

It is with a very sad heart that I share the sudden and unexpected loss of my beautiful Selena earlier this morning (February 24th 2005).

Selena had been in fine spirits and apparently good overall health until last night after she ate her supper. She had the first of a series of seizures that went on all night, and continued until this morning, each one leaving her weaker and more disoriented than the one before. I did some research on this and found that the most likely cause of seizuring in a dog of her age who had no past history of any seizures was a brain tumor. Looking back now, I see she probably had some of the other signs of this for the past couple of weeks, such as head-pressing and an instance where she appeared to become disoriented while out for exercise. My veterinarian, after hearing what had happened, felt the prognosis was poor, so we elected to let her die with dignity.

Selena was one of those once-in-lifetime dogs. She did everything I ever asked of her with her characteristic intensity and tenacity. Her devotion to me was complete and she had many friends and admirers among those who had been able to spend some time with her. She is still alive in my lines through her wonderful granddaughter, who resembles her in many ways, my Pivoine, but she will always have her own pride of place in my heart. I can never thank her breeders, Lee and Deann Christianson, enough for having been willing to let the pick bitch from her litter go home with me. From her intelligent and devoted personality to her soft lavender fawn coat and beautiful big dark eyes, she was in every way a constant delight.

Selena came to me a month before the birth of my son. When I got up in the night with him, I would put her outside, too, and then we would all curl up together. She lay with me while I fed him, and learned to heel at the same time I was wheeling him around the streets of Hillsborough, in a stroller. That was the beginning of her becoming integrated into almost every aspect of my life. With her, I enjoyed shows and racing and coursing, and getting back into obedience after a long time absence. I also got a taste of agility. She won her class at the St. Louis National, but injured her spine in a accident at the age of 8 and that pretty much ended any chance of going on in that sport. Selena was the sort of dog who never wanted to be left behind. She always wanted to be in the thick of things and was never happier than when I was working her or training her. For 12 years, I was always in her sight.

I will always miss you, Weinerdog.

Karen Lee (surreyhill)

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