Broker, Shayna, Christy, Leah and Mimi

Broker, Shayna, Christy, Leah and Mimi

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:46 am

Broker, Shayna, Christy & Leah will always be loved by their mom, Jean Good

Ch. Allerei’s Wall Street,C.D.
9/22/87 – 7/13/01

Broker came to me during a time in my life when I needed him the most. Not only was he my first Whippet and my first show dog but he was also my best friend.
When he “passed over”, a friend sent me this poem:

Paw Prints in the Sand
One night I had a wondrous dream.
One set of footprints there were seen.
The footprints of my precious Lord,
While he carried me along the shore.
But then some stranger prints appeared.
So I asked. What were these prints for?
These prints are neither yours or mine.
And Lord they are in sets of four.
My child. He said in somber tones.
At one time you were so close to giving up.
That I called on a little dog to walk along.
And for awhile this was just what you needed.
Your pup filled your time with love and blessings.
He kept you so busy there was no time for fussing.
But then one day I had to call him home.
And you were heartbroken and all alone.
But the time you had together was never forgotten,
And even though it hurt to lose your little dog.
I knew you’d be better for the love you had known.
-Author unknown

Because of him, other Whippets followed and solid and endearing friendships were made, such as with the people here on WhippetWorld.


Allerei's Four Seasons, C.D.
October 8, 1986 - June 28, 2001

Shayna girl, you were a true Lady all the days of your life and you were always there for me during times of happiness and especially during times of sadness. You would put your head on my knee and look up at me with those expressive eyes of yours and tell me that you were there and that you understood. Shayna, you never caused any problems or concern except when you had to say "Goodbye".

You are missed Sweet girl, I hope you and your brother are Resting in Peace together
until we meet again.



Ch. Sedgefield's Christiana C.D.X.

She was quite a girl in more ways than one. She thought of herself as the "mother" to each and every dog who came into "her home". I know Mimi, Leah, Nicki and ReignMan all miss her in their own way and I know that I will keep all those good memories of her locked away in that special place. That "place" in our Hearts where we keep those loved ones who we have lost. She was indeed everything I could ever want in a dog---and all wrapped up in a little black and tan package.

During her last few days, Mimi never left her side until that last evening when she who also had always slept me--did something very unusual, she did not come in the bedroom and only recently has she willingly joined the rest of us in bed at night. It's almost like she "knew" and it was her way of saying "Goodbye" to her "little mom".
You Are Missed...


Jean, Mimi, Leah, Nicki & ReignMan

My little Whippet

Allerei's Aleah Rose
(Delta Pet Partner)
10/21/92 – 4/6/05

It’s said that your Birthday and the day you “pass on” are not nearly as important as what you do all those DAYS in-between!

My “Princess Leah” you were not a show dog. You did not have titles before or after your name. You were just a simple little dog, who never met a stranger and who loved everyone, just as you loved the World around you.
What you carry with you across the “RainBow Bridge” is far more important than any ribbon or trophy that you might have brought home. What you carry with you is a loving heart!

You could bring out a smile from anyone you met, as when you entered a child’s hospital room, no matter how ill they might be. You would lie very quietly beside them on their hospital bed and with those big brown eyes of yours looking up at them. You could always bring about a smile. And oh--I can remember how you would try so very hard to lick their little hand.!

So with tears I must say: “Goodbye Leah girl”.
May you Run Swift and Free.
May you give those special kisses of yours to the too many children who have gone before. And lastly, may those same kisses be waiting for
me when I join you.

I miss you!

“mom” Jean


CH. Allerei's Please Choose Me
(Recepient of the Delta Society 1999 Beyond Limits Award)
8/23/93 - 4/18/07

The only thing I know, at this moment in time, is how much I miss you! I miss the little things you used to the way you would give your very soft "woooh" when you felt I wasn't fixing your food fast enough! I miss the way you had with the other dogs, where you would only have to give that "certain look" and they all knew that you were the "Queen" and they were all yourr "servants" - like the time that Nicki got a toy for Christmas and you got tired of listening to him making it go "Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man". You got down off your "throne" on the couch, went over and just reached down, took it out of his mouth then got back up on the couch and gave him "that look" as to say: "Enough Already...You're disturbing my nap".

I miss the way you always knew when I needed a little pet therapy and you would curl up next to me as though to say: "Mom, I may not understand what's wrong or why you're upset or sad, but I'm here if you need me".

I miss YOU


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