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April 6, 2000 - July 17, 2004

I noticed that she was not to keen on walking anymore and my other dogs Layla, Zjapi and Rex sniffed on her behind.. and she was leaking very yellow fluid.. she had difficulty in walking.. and she, as all whippets, love walking of course.. she did not want to eat and if somebody loved eating it was Scarlett.. so I went to the vet the next morning with her very early and she took some blood from her.. and she put her on a drip for 24 hrs so I had to leave her there.. and could collect her that following morning...

That same evening I got the results... she was breaking off her own red blood cells very rapidly.. she got Prednisone and she got very blown up.. nothing helped.. to make a long story short.. the verdict was that she got an auto-immune illness and there was nothing to do for her... we tried and tried and made the dose of Prednisone higher.. but she weakened rapidly... in not yet 3 months we had to be brave and let her be put to sleep.. the 17th of July we brought her to the vet and we made the heavy discission and let her go on my lap to the eternal sleep.. we hope there really is a Place behind The Rainbowbridge... it is only 5 almost 6 months ago and I miss her still very dearly.. we loved her so much... she was such a typical character!! and so bright and clever!! but then.. which whippet is not that!

Kind regards, Thesi

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