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Rotaiva Snowbird, CR, FCh, JC
(pictured with her grandson)

My dearest Queen Tara, classy and elegant, brave and strong, smart and kind ... always a true lady she was. Tara taught me how to show, the fun of performance events, the thrill of chasing a bird, the pride of raising a litter. She gave me strength to go on when times looked bleak, taught me to believe in myself no matter what the hushed whispers spoke, with her by my side I grew and with her (and her brother, Gabe's) love I learned to love unconditionally, to trust without issue. She was a perfect mother, a wonderful grand mother, perfect sister and a precious friend, confidant and companion.

After her death, she still is teaching me ... teaching me it's ok to cry, to share my sorrow with those who care about me, but yet rejoice in her life, her creations and her love that still shines. I'll never stop missing my white queen, the classiest lady I've ever been blessed to know, my teacher, my friend, my heart. Fly, touch the sky with wings of gold, Tara, may God keep you safe and warm until I join at your side and we rejoice in our reunion.

Momma misses you dear heart

Mary Magee
Proudly owned by Rotaiva Snowbird

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