Colby & Willow

Colby & Willow

Postby chelynnah » Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:53 am

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Sorrow's Door
A treasured friend, but somehow more
Has left me here at sorrow's door.
With courage and a dignity
And all the trust he placed in me.

He was grace and beauty, living art.
A soul of good, and honor, and heart.
Brought down by illness, the body fails,
But in my depths, his life prevails.

This dog, my dog, a part of me.
Taken too soon, a pain that we
Who love our dogs, must all endure.
The price, so dear, of love so pure.

Though he's gone, and though I mourn,
There's gladness from this sadness born.
The privilege of having loved and known
This noble soul, my heart, my own.

I am better for the years he gave.
Better for the games we played.
Better for the quiet times.
Much better for that dog of mine.

copyright © 2003 Patience C Renzulli

"A luminous light remains where a beautiful soul has passed."
-Antoine Boveua

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