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It is extremely difficult to think of Gracie in the past tense. She was not just my first whippet - she was my first dog. I researched breeds and went to dog shows for about 2 years before I decided the whippet might be the right one. I was at a dog show so went over to DogWise to check out books and when I turned around there were two 10 week old puppies kissing on anyone who came within their reach. I went over and talked to their owners and ended up at Ron Waggoner's van holding puppies for about an hour. I listened to reason and realized an adult would be my best shot and a month or two later I found out there was a 2 year old female I could go take a look at to see if I liked her. She had me at hello! The moment I saw her face peeking out a window I was hooked. She had already been in 4 or 5 homes so was very cautious.

The Day We Met

My landlord (my little brother) said "No Dogs!" so I had to move. She had to go back to her breeder for a few months so I could find a new place to live. Finally I was ready and went to Eastern Washington to get her.

We stopped at Vantage to let her walk around

It took a long while to realize she was in her forever home and I would never let her go. I learned all about whippets and met lots of new people through her. We tried out lure coursing which she absolutely loved. She raced because I asked her to, but she didn't like it as much as lure coursing.

Happy Happy Gracie

I retired her from competition at 4.5 years of age due to heart disease, but never stopped letting her run in the yard. She loved it so much. There were days when she would literally scream (with a squeaky toy in her mouth) trying to catch Taz. But she loved it.

2004 NAWRA National

For the last year or so I noticed a weird spot on her side that looked like a little fluid pocket. I had it checked and it came back inconclusive, so decided to just watch it until it started to bug her. Well...bug her it did after a while so I took her in for a biopsy.

small fluid pocket

Large mass

She had surgery to remove the mass on 07-27-09, and seemed to be back to her old self after a few weeks. She healed extremely well and was back to stealing food, opening the pantry and raiding anything she could get to, and basically being the Gracie I loved for 7.5 years.

Gracie almost completely healed

We went to the NAWRA National in September 2009, and she showed in the "unbroken spirit" class in her new fancy pink collar and necklace. (Thank You Debbey Bartos!) This was actually her last good day, and I am thankful to Beth Levine that she was able to find a picture for me.

Gracie at the NAWRA National Fun Match 09-18-09

In the end I knew it was time when she wouldn't eat - and as everyone who has followed her stories over the years knows - she did so LOVE to eat. I will always miss her, but we had so many fantastic and fun times together that those will eventually come to the front and I will be able to smile and laugh when I think of her.

Gracie stealing food at our Christmas Party

Good Bye My Gracie Girl. I will miss you so.

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