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RIP 12/07/09

Last month we lost the most precious dog we have ever known. He was our very first whippet, and took our hearts from the start. This is the only breed we will ever want again. He had the most intense eyes that would stare at you if you were down, as if to say "I'm here, let me help you." He "sang" whenever we came home, until we opened the door so he could see us again. He was the "adopted" daddy to our tuxedo cat. She would wait until he was relaxing and then walk up to him, lick his face and if she stopped, he'd nudge her. Then she'd fall at his feet and lay there, just wanting to be next to him. He would "tell" on our other dog, with his eyes, letting us know he was in the kitchen.

He left us so very fast. Our last month with him, a seemingly simple cough became an enlarged heart, a murmur, and an irregular heartbeat. The meds the vet tried didn't help, and he didn't want to eat, so I sat on the floor and coaxed him to eat, piece by piece. When he slept against my side at night I could hear the slight changes in his breathing and desperately tried everything to make him better. The hardest decision of our lives came the weekend before we had to let him go, when he began to collapse. The fear in his eyes we will never forget. He didn't know what was happening. Although he still had quality outside of the isolated seizures, he'd wag his tail, follow us around, and just be happy being around us, we saw his quality was slowly slipping, and didn't want him to begin to suffer. It was heartwrenching watching him stick his head out the window on his final trip to the vets, and the tail wag he greeted them with. As we lay on the floor to put him to sleep, he lay watching me the whole time. We pet him, I kissed his face through the sobbing and he left us. The pain is indescribable. Part of my heart is missing. We each wrote him a "goodbye", stuffed it into a single balloon, and holding hands, let it go with a prayer. I live with the hope that someday we will again see our precious Tigger at the Rainbow bridge and we can hold him and see him once again.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much Tigger. You are so very missed. You took a part of our hearts that day when God took you home.

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