Poop Eating

Poop Eating

Postby chelynnah » Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:22 pm

From: Awhippet1 (Original Message) Sent: 02/01/2004 19:00
I really need some advice here. I looked in WW archives, but couldn't find anything on this topic. Our guy loves to eat poop! It is disgusting. As soon as I let him outside he goes looking for it. I'm getting better at scooping in the yard, but on our walks, he still manages to find some. I'm worried about him getting worms or parasites from this awful habit. When he comes inside from the yard, his breath even smells like poop. Ugh. Is he lacking something in his diet? Does anyone else's whippet do this?

From: chelynnah Sent: 02/01/2004 19:11
You're right - common topic and we haven't got an archived thread. I actually went through the whole board last night from it's inception (needless to say I had a fun New Years Day ROFL) and I don't remember seeing it as a topic though I know we've talked about it. So - why don't we start here and I'll archive this one!


This, unfortunately is one of the very few drawbacks to owning whippets. It's a common thing. Some grow out of it, some you have to watch forever! I was soooo smug that I had never owned a dog that did THAT DISGUSTING THING. My whippet-terrier mix wouldn't deign to do that. (now horse muck is a different story). And, as Patience would say, the Whippet Gods rolled on the floor with laughter and gave me Savannah!!!

Chelsea would be outside deciding to poop and Savannah would be inside almost literally DROOLING, and as soon as Chelsea would squat Savannah was off like a shot to get it fresh and steaming from the source!! Wayyyy disgusting!!! She never ate her own, only Chelsea's. She never really showed much interest in strange dog's messes either (Phew!).

There is a product called Deter that you can sprinkle on their dog food. It needs to go on the food of the dog whose poop is being eaten. So if he's eating strange dogs poop this won't work. Other suggestions have been potato flakes or pineapple. These things are supposed to make it taste bad to them.

It's been bandied about that it's because of something missing in diet, but I don't think the scientists give this too much credence anymore. The actual name of 'poop eating' is called Coprophagia. If you put a search in Google you'll come up with all kinds of information about it.

Savannah finally grew out of it 97% of the time. Occasionally she'll have a lapse, but usually we can call her back. I don't know if it was age related or the fact we would stand with the hose and threaten her with it when Chelsea was pooping LOL. Probably a combination of both.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people with comments on this. Trust me - you are not alone. And it gives a whole new definition to the term 'potty mouth'.


From: SueHop Sent: 02/01/2004 19:19
Gracie eats poop as often as she can get away with it. She will actually stand next to my roommates dog as he goes - she will try to get it as soon as it drops. VERY GROSS. I have tried deter and some other things and it does not work with her.

If she is hungry and I won't give her a treat she will pretend to have to go potty and just run around looking for a snack. If I won't let her out she, will try to get to the kitty litter box for a little "kitty roca" She occassionally is successful and will come up to me with litter all over her nose. YUCK!

She will not stop if I yell at her - I have to run at her and yell and clap my hands. Then she just scoops up what she can and has it "to go".

Poopy kisses are just about the grossest thing - and she has caught me off guard and managed to get me.


From: whippetmom Sent: 02/01/2004 19:56
Hi Amy,
I also have a poop eater! LOL. My female loves to eat my male's poop. Such a lovely discussion here. Anyway, we just have to watch her to make sure she doesn't. It is not easy! I like Wendy's idea of standing over her with the hose.

P.S. At least you know you are not alone.

From: Patience Sent: 02/01/2004 20:18
Yeah, the Whippet Gods got me too. I said, "I'd NEVER have a dog that eats dog sh*t" and the Whippet Gods just rolled over on their couches because they LOVE to hear the word "NEVER"; it makes their whole day brighter.
And they sent me Mama Pajama, my little heart and soul, who would go out in the big yard back at the farm and come in and give me a big kiss and the Whippet Gods would fall OFF their couches and split their sides as I blew my cookies with my head in the toilet...
Mama Pajama had grown out of it by the time she was around 3, but since she's been on prednisone for nearly a year now, and she's STARVING to death - which is how steroids make you feel - she has rediscovered the habit. I have to go out with her EVERY SINGLE time and WATCH EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 02/01/2004 20:28
OK, I admit it, mine do it, too! Welcome to the DARK SIDE! Most mornings, we do a light hike with some neighbors and their dogs. Though I give them breakfast first, Rudolph has taken a liking to just about anything coming out of the butt of another dog.

One day it was poop de Rottweiler. A couple of weeks ago, as my friend's Labrador Retriever did his business, I yelled for her to run over and pick it up QUICKLY before Rudolph could swoop in. She laughed but realized her mistake and was able to block Rudolph off at the pass.

Bambi happens to like Rudolph's poop, which makes it especially important that I clean out their dog run every day and quickly. Poop eating is so terrible and I've never found anything that helps. I console myself in the knowledge that so many others do it, but if anyone has found something that works, I, too would love to hear it.

From: SueHop Sent: 02/01/2004 21:09
I forgot one thing - Gracie also likes to eat vomit. My cat threw up a giant hairball on Wednesday morning - and before I was even awake she was out from under the blankets and on the floor eating. That about did me in. I had to literally drag her off the spot.


From: dreamingofwhippets Sent: 02/01/2004 21:24
ahh nothing like the gross things dogs love to snack on! It amazes me what they will put in their mouths, LOL.

From: Awhippet1 Sent: 02/01/2004 21:31
Hi everyone,
Thanks for sharing your stories...I guess we are definitly not alone in the poop eating category!
I am going to definitly try to be there the next time, and catch him in the act so I can try to deter this behaviour. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me queasy. Well, off to begin making supper!

From: SkWhippets2 Sent: 02/01/2004 22:44
Emmy and Houdini are both POOP HOUNDS!! Its so very nasty


From: WildAbout_Whippets Sent: 02/01/2004 23:09
I have never watched Genie or Vegas eat poop (thank goodness) but Scotch and Zeppy are a different story. Scotch would only eat her own poop as a pup, just leaving a few remnants in her crate or on the floor I haven't seen her eat poop in over two years (YIPPPPEEEE)! Zeppelin has just discovered poop and seems to like our old westie's leftovers the best. I am desparately trying to break him of the habit now. He's learning... slowly!

My biggest poop eater was Stryder (the special boy). He ate poop for a long time and finally outgrew the disgusting habit at a year of age.

You are definetly not alone!!!!!!!

Annie & Crew

From: Codywhippet Sent: 03/01/2004 02:17
Cody too.... First thing my vet told me was he never understood why people kissed their pups on the mouth since he *knew* what they eat. I didn't quite "get it" until I saw Cody snacking on poop.......now I get it. My mom's sheltie also has been known for this behavior as well.

If the neighbors would do their part (scoop that poop!), there would be far fewer temptations.

From: mahtrows Sent: 03/01/2004 02:27
Made a mistake, started a new thread. Apparently the ammonium carbonate/ bicarbonate it what makes "snacking" unappetizing. This a thread on another list. I have not tried them but intend to.

Egg Wafer Cookies

2/3 Cup flour
½ Cup less 1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 egg
2 Tablespoons butter
1 ¼ Tablespoon water
1 ½ teaspoon amonium bicarbonate (http://www.lorannoils.com )

>All ingredients should be at room temperature.

>Mix together but don’t beat too much. Drop from a spoon >onto a greased baking sheet. These cookies spread a lot, >give them room.

>Bake at 450 degrees for 6 minutes – check for burning on >the edges.

>Remove from sheet and cool on rack.

>I give a small biscuit sized piece to each of our dogs every >day – it really does

You can also get it from http://www.bakerscatalogue.com they
are located in Vermont. It's under the name of Baker's
Ammonia. Have not compared prices though, hope this


From: KarenzK9z Sent: 03/01/2004 05:38
Oh, thank God, thank God, thank GOD, that I'm not the only one that this has happened to!!!! Grace just started doing this, and it almost kills me. When Piper (and only Piper) poops, Grace stands behind her as if Piper was an ice cream dispenser!!!! Gross doesn't even start to describe it!! She also does the "to go" thing if I try to stop her, so now we don't let them go out together. If I see her sniffing something in the yard, and looking like she's going to snatch it up, I SCREAM at her, clap my hands, and she hauls butt! *G* Hubby was HORRIFIED when she started, and told me that if she continued doing it, that she would not be allowed on the furniture or to sleep with us at night. He said, "I do NOT want to wake up to a dog breathing sh**-breath on me...NO WAY."
I haven't tried the Deter, but I will. What I did do was to start making Piper use a certain part of the yard that is fenced in as her bathroom. Grace doesn't eat her own, and now doesn't have as much access to Piper's. Also, if I have her on lead, and she seems interested in a pile, I give her a yank and stare her down. She's learning, I'm happy to say, or maybe just outgrowing it. I did once wash her mouth out with soap, careful not to let her swallow it. It seems harsh, I know, but the grandchildren were here, and I'll be hanged if I'll let her kiss my grandkids with poop on her tongue! I also figure if I tell her NO and she not only doesn't stop, but grabs a big bite to eat while I'm chasing her down, she's got a good mouth-washing coming. She's a "soft" girl, easily corrected, and I think that's why she doesn't do it any more. If she were a bit more hard-headed, we'd be up a creek. And you know what creek I'm talking about!! LOL
Good luck with it...it's gross, I know!! What are they THINKING???

From: skeezix123 Sent: 03/01/2004 15:17
OMG this is really gross and funny.

Skeezix did this when he was younger. But now none of the boy have been munching on each other turdies.

From: Awhippet1 Sent: 03/01/2004 15:39
OMG Karen, yes I've often thought the same thing about the "ice cream dispenser". It does remind me of that!! LOL.

From: ZoeyWhippet Sent: 03/01/2004 19:25
Mine are poop eaters too, but their most favorite variety is when it is frozen solid, I call them poopsicles.


From: -blinkiekatie- Sent: 03/01/2004 23:22
EEeW! Reading these posts makes me THANKFUL Katie stopped that habit when she was about 5-6 months old!! how i remember the poop breath.


From: whippetwatch/Mary Magee Sent: 04/01/2004 17:08
Amy asked:
<Is he lacking something in his diet? >

There are several 'ideas' on this matter some of which are:
Lack of something in the eater's diet
Eatee's digestive system is leaving nutrients in the 'leftovers' that the eater needs, enjoys
Dogs try to 'hide' the evidence of their home (going back to wild instincts)

However since EVERY dog in my home, including my GDS and when Smooch lived here (borzoi) all do or have done it and they all have no matter what they've been fed, I simply think they LIKE it.

I've tried several 'remedies' to make this less tempting (pinapple, deter, tomato sauce, meat tenderizer) and nothing totally helped. The tomato sauce helped some but they still did it. Supposedly the theory is to make (what already seemingly would taste revolting) the poo taste bad ... hmmmm it's fecal matter and I don't see HOW we can make it taste WORSE than it logically already would. In turn, the only thing I've found to work is constant cleaning up after the dogs. In my yard I don't only have dogs to tempt them, I also have squirrels and rabbits ... and yup they eat that too. My best solution is scoop daily and not watch them when they are out on their potty breaks or I loose my cookies.

Yes dogs can get internal parasites from eating fecal matter of another dog who has them, same with coccidia they can get that from eating infected bird's droppings (been there, done that, don't wanna again!).

One person used a muzzle on her eater when he was put out in the back yard to make it 'impossible' for him to snack, all that did was give her a heck of a mess to clean up when he smashed the muzzle down into the pile.

<Does anyone else's whippet do this?>

It's not a whippet thing, it's a canine thing, honestly. So is the nasty puke eating habit which I find disgusting too. At least with puke it's only PARTIALLY digested food but it still makes ME ill.

off to make lunch for me now (I have a stomach of steel when TALK about this subject but NOT when witnessing it <g>).


From: SueHop Sent: 04/01/2004 20:54
Oh Mary you cracked me up with the smooshed muzzle part! After that I decided I will not try putting a muzzle on Gracie. And Diane - I just now experienced the "poopsicles" with Gracie in the backyard. We are having quite a cold snap, for our area, and everything out there is solid. Didn't slow her down one bit. The good part is that when I ran after her the "stuff" I stepped in didn't go all over my shoes!


From: 2GreysnaWhip Sent: 05/01/2004 17:08
Ugh. It doesn't get any grosser. Jenna(whip) will stand under my grey's fanny to consume her disgusting treat. I guess she didn't want those annoying grass cuttings in it. She seems to do it in phases. My yelling, clapping and stomping was her cue to eat faster. I fixed this little problem by popping a muzzle fitted with a plastic cup on her face whenever she went out for business. With greys, you can buy a regular "poo cup" to fit their muzzles. I had to improvise with Jenna. I cut up a plastic butter container, poked holes in the side of it and twist-tied it to her muzzle -- no smooshed poo and no poo snacks. After a week or so, I let her out without a muzzle to see what happens, and usually she's over the poo-eating phase for awhile. If not, the muzzle goes back on. It's not pretty, but it does the job. Good luck! ~ Susan

CSRA Rep, Greyhound Crossroads

From: Garciawhippets-5 Sent: 06/01/2004 20:54
I am laughing as I read these!! I am an avid poo scooper. -Mostly because it keeps the yard clear for our girls. Five dogs pooing twice a day makes ten poo piles that have a magnetic force, attracting little children's feet. Our Diva is eight years old and is our only poo eater. (regular poo eater) She has been kicked out of the P.E.A. (Poo Eater's Anonymous) program as hopeless. Poo time was quite comical until a recent stuctured poo schedule was introduced. I figure if I am out with them as they poo ready to scoop, she can't eat poo.....Well realizing that I can't be behind all four other dogs at once, she has made an art of finding the poo depositor at the farthest point away from me and my theiving poo scooper. She takes the same waiting stance as the young child at the ice cream dispenser that someone else described in an earlier entry. You can almost hear her saying "hurry up, she is coming!". -Then she grabs her treasure and runs from me as I am running toward her telling her to "drop!" with scooper in hand. -OR she may 'drop' as told so as to lead me to pick that one up , thus winning the poo war as she runs to the next opportune depositor at the other end of the yard. Surely I can't make it to her with the thief stick this time.... She loves the grab-poo-and-run game. Since intervention with the poo scooper isn't effective, she is banned from pooing with the rest of the gang. She must wait until they have gone and all is scooped safely away to go out....
We took Diva to the pet store in town after going to the nursing home one afternoon last year. A sweet girl working just doted over her, bending down to pet her and love on the 'baby greyhoung'. --all the while Diva is licking her all in the face. My youngest daughter, then seven, says to her in the middle of her fun, "Oh ma'am, she eats poo." Boy did she stand up fast wiping her face all off !! Poor girl....
I would say good luck, but it may never end.....

From: Dahli Sent: 07/01/2004 18:39
We had two females a few years back and one was terrible for this mostly in the winter... my DH used to joke she only wanted a hot meal as it was consumed immediately as it appeared from the other girl... that about did me in. The two we have now are males and one went through a 'stage' when quite young but neither seem interested anymore THANK GOODNESS!!
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