Counter Surfing

Counter Surfing

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From: smartz74 (Original Message) Sent: 20/12/2003 00:24
I thought I would post this as a separate thread (from Brydie & Rory's lamb picture) so it doesn't get lost.

We are having a terrible time with Luce counter-surfing. This may be a dumb question from a first time whippet owner but, is there anything you can do about it besides constantly yelling "OFF!"?


From: SkWhippets2 Sent: 20/12/2003 00:26
I've started hiding things in the microwave and the oven(when they're not on), as we also have a terrible time with the whippets. They seem to be able to extend to twice their length when they're after something on the counter,lol. Perhaps we need higher counters? If you find a solution, please, please, please share it with me!


From: Samsfm1 Sent: 20/12/2003 00:31
Perhaps two-way mirrors? LOL

From: Ladyaudreysmom1 Sent: 20/12/2003 00:55
I, too, am having a terrible time with Lady's counter surfing. I hide food I'm working on in the oven and a small convection oven I have on the counter. I was also hoping that someone here would eventually come up with a solution. Lady is such a sweet soul that I hate to keep yelling at her when we're in the kitchen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
By the way, I think Brydie and Rory's lamb picture is so precious. I guess that's how we are, we love them even when they're at their baddest(new word, I guess, can't think of a better one).
Anyway, thanks for starting this thread.

From: brydiesMom Sent: 20/12/2003 01:33
Shivaun, Brydie bounces, bounces, bounces while extending her paw trying to hook any goodies that may be in reach. I can try and correct her until I'm blue in the face, she is a very determined, stubourn little girl. Rory on the other hand, will be told NO once and is mortified at the stern tone and will tend not to repeat.

I'm also very interested in any advice anyone has!!!

From: Tisme519 Sent: 20/12/2003 04:28
Hi all dont know if this is much help but when im in the kiychen i get Yogi do do a sit stay and give him bits of what ever i am preparing as a reward if he gets up i use to remind him to sit but now he just sits ad watches what i am doing knowing he will get a treat for doing so if i am cuttiing something i dont want him to have i get out somethiing yummy to give him it works well and now he does his sit in the doorway so he is not under my feet and he i happy to do so i dont find he jumps on the benches if im not in the room but then i dont leave stuff in his reach if im not there to supervise

hope it helps


From: WhipPetLisa Sent: 20/12/2003 04:52
I skimmed thought some Whippet-L emails a few weeks back about this. Several people mentioned that they used mouse traps to cure their Whippets of counter surfing. They claimed it didn't hurt the dogs. It's not something I would do so I didn't read the details. Maybe someone here has used this method.


From: KarenzK9z Sent: 20/12/2003 06:06
Although Grace has never actually counter-surfed...she has snatched food off of a plate at the table when I went outside. As far as while I'm cooking, the dogs know they're just simply not allowed in the kitchen. If they wander in, I tell them very firmly, "OUT of the kitchen!" No yelling...just a firm and non-negotiable command. They trip over each other trying to get out. They can watch all they want, but that's it. Piper is too small to reach anything on the counter, and Grace just never has tried. They pretty much know that there'll be hell to pay if they misbehave in the kitchen. Now if they could just be as polite about HOGGING the whole bed!! *G*

From: skeezix123 Sent: 20/12/2003 13:16
I set mouse traps on the counter and anywhere I don't want my whippers to be. They are a nice deterent.

You can get them at the pet store with paddle on them like 2 for $10.00. But, I use the regular $1.00-$2.00 for to you can buy at the grocery store.

V and the snap trap boys!

From: lynallanwhippets Sent: 20/12/2003 15:05
Another thing we have tried to deter counter surfing is the "shaker can method". You take an empty pop can or tin can and put some pennies into it. cover the top with tape, and then take about 12 inches of thread and tie one end around the can and the other around a piece of meat, cheese, or whatever kind of morsel might be tempting for them. Set up the can so that the morsel is just on the edge of the counter and the can is directly behind it.
Let your whipper into the room and totally ignore them so they can find this tasty treat and when he goes to grab it, the can comes crashing down with it and it usually scares the **** out of them. Usually it only takes 2 or 3 tries with most whippets, but there are some (like our Tempo) who occasionally needs a refresher lesson.

Sue & Alyssa

From: KarenzK9z Sent: 21/12/2003 05:36
That's an excellent idea! Does it only work with dogs? How about....teenagers & car keys.....husbands & tool catalogs....things like that? Just curious!
I've used the mouse trap method with our Cockers to keep them off the furniture, and it works beautifully...just be sure to use the smallest ones.
Karen (who is STILL fighting with a migraine, and losing the fight )

From: SkWhippets2 Sent: 21/12/2003 06:04
Sue and Alyssa,
I used the "pop can penny" method to cure my jack russell mix of his barking at people walking by outside fetish, and it worked beautifully. No idea why I didn't think to use it with my little surfer hounds Losing my mind!haha Thank you VERY much for posting it.......though I kind of feel bad for Houds, cause it will scare him half to death.......but it must be done to protect the family food supply.


From: Chelynnah Sent: 21/12/2003 17:38
We used the pop can method as well! The girls HATE them - the counter is lined with them and if we pick one up to move it they dive out of the kitchen!! I just laugh (evil Mummy).

Other methods people have suggested are:

Double sided sticky tape along the edges of the counter - the dogs apparently hate the feeling on their paws

Upside down plastic runner mat with the little spikeys in it - spike side up on the counter - again they hate the feeling on their paws


From: skeezix123 Sent: 21/12/2003 18:42
OMG, we tried the upside down carpet runner on our couch, NOT, my Dobe just tossed it aside and proceded to make himself comfortable. LOL

From: KemarHounds Sent: 22/12/2003 16:28
Anti Counter Surfing tactics

Tactic #1

Put two or 3 pennies in a soda or juice can and tape the top. Tie string around the can, then tie the can to an especially tempting something that is left on the counter. Await the resulting clang and rattle to go sympathize with the dog over the “mean, scary object”. Twice is usually enough, but some dogs who have reaped the rewards of counter surfing too often will take more

Tactic #2

Set a mouse trap (that’s MOUSE trap, not RAT trap), cover with a piece of paper and set tempting something behind the trap. Await snap to go sympathize with the dog over the “nasty snappy thing” and reset the trap. Different dogs handle this one differently – expect to reset the trap several times

Variation of #2 – set the trap inside the bread wrapper (bread is my dog’s ultimate temptation).

Tactic #3

NEVER leave anything on the counter.

Margaret & the Hounds of Kemar

From: Chinabound98 Sent: 22/12/2003 16:29
I'll offer a slight ammendment to the ideas offered earlier:

If you choose to booby trap the item that your dog is going to steal, a very effective trick is to hang back and quietly wait for your dog to steal the item and be frightened by the noise of the penny can or mouse trap.. when that happens and you hear the noise, you run screaming like it's scared the bejesus out of you, too! Really ham it up as though you're terrified for your life. Remember that dogs are masters at reading our body language and emotion. That being siad, the worst reaction is to go "HA. I got ya! Bet ya won't steal that again!" because the dog will see you're confident about the "scary noise" and he'll soon learn to not be worried about the noise and will continue stealing from the counter.

So - back to my idea... run out like you're scared to death... the dog should see you and it should worry him even more. Go ahead and console him... (which, remember is exactly what you DON'T do if you don't want your dog to fear something b/c a consoleing tone of voice will be taken as praise for being fearful). So, by consoling your dog, you're praising him for being fearful - that's what you want.

Next, the human, with the dog watching, very hesitently heads back toward the kitchen... act like there's a big scary monster in there... take a few steps forward, shudder, step back, look at the dog, etc. Keep making your vey back toward the kitchen in a very scared manner... Eventually make it up to the counter and then very timedly take a piece of food from the counter and offer it to your dog from your hand.

The goal: You're teaching the dog that stealing food from the counter is very scary -- even to you. BUT, taking it from your hand is the only safe way!

As for a great noise maker, I use a little tiny detonator with caps that you can get at a joke store! Works like a charm! But remember - you need to act terrified too and let the dog pick up on that fear.

Just another idea to add to your bag of tricks. I've used it with great success.


From: KarenzK9z Sent: 22/12/2003 16:29
That is a wonderful tip! I never would have thought of that. I'll have to try it when I'm by myself, though, as I can just see my husband's face as Grace and I run screaming out of the kitchen....I'd have to watch for that van with the men in little white coats! *G*
Thanks again for the excellent tip,

From: SueHop Sent: 22/12/2003 19:51
Stella, I too use the sit/stay in the kitchen and Gracie is like stone on the mat by the counter now. I went to lift it up this morning to sweep and she had to leave the kitchen - she did not know how to handle it with "her" place gone. I also give her little bits of what I am making. It is usually a big green salad and I give her bits of broccoli, carrot, and celery. She adores cucumbers - although I can't stand the smell so rarely buy them.

It took a long time to get to where she is now - and with the puppy in the house she has reverted a little. I usually only have to give her the "look" now and she will sit right back down. Wish that "look" worked when she is begging me to make her dinner! Be consistent and persistent.

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