Humping / Dominance

Humping / Dominance

Postby chelynnah » Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:10 pm

From: -blinkiekatie- (Original Message) Sent: 19/11/2003 01:59
hey guys.. just thinking about our last visit to the in-law's who own an airdale that is 3 months younger than katie. Katie is a very submissive dog but also lovvveessss any dog she sees.. she runs up to whatever dog and flips over, feels lilke things are getting too rough? flip over! anyways...... it seems that miss submissive finally found somepup to be dominate over -- the airdale puppy. now she'll play, take the puppy biting but will put her in her place when puppy has gone too far. she also makes this weird gurgling noise. i must say NO humping going on. katie never humps.. except when the puppy is playing with my sister in law's husky. katie will stand on the side and hump air. its really weird and she only does it when puppy is playing with someone else. humping = dominance but katie does it as an innocent bystander. i think its funny especially because katie is sooo not the dominate type.. maybe a little jealous?? sorry this isn't a fun message... but many of you have more than one ... any of them air hump?


From: skeezix123 Sent: 19/11/2003 02:34
LOL, my Buster started humping when he was 4 months old and he just turned six months this past saturday. My nine year old has always humped the 11 year old dobe. All of my dogs are males. The older dogs are neutered.

From: WhipPetLisa Sent: 19/11/2003 03:18
I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you mentioned jealously. I thought it was always a dominance thing, but I think it was more of a jealously thing with Casino. We had a new dog (Stryder, his brother) come into the family recently. Casino did not like Stryder playing with HIS Megan (150 pound Great Dane/best bud). He would play bite Stryder on the behind, act really ticked off, bark and hump him. Pogo (7 pound IG) would then in turn hump Casino...don't know what that was all about!

In the last few days (2 months living with Stryder) Casino has totally changed. Now he joins in and the 3 play together. It's like his jealousy/frustration suddenly disappeared.

I believe that weird gurgling noise could be what we refer to here as Dino (dinosaur) noises LOL. It's a noise Whippets apparently make when they are engaging in the most fun sort of play :-)


PS: What's not fun about this topic LOL?

From: skeezix123 Sent: 19/11/2003 13:46
Dino noises!

Beau my Dobe makes them too.

when I first brought Buster home. Skeezix my nine year old whippet would have nothing to do with buster. He would leave the room when buster entered. It lasted about two weeks. Now they are best buds, well almost. LOL


From: Terje Sent: 19/11/2003 15:00
I have only had girls before Jesse, and no humpers.... but three years ago, I looked after a little italian greyhound bitch, Barilla, while her owner was on holiday for three weeks. She came in came in seson the first day (great!!) and spent the next three weeks humping my borzoi girl Chadina. She did the legs or whichever part was available, also when Chadina was laying down. Luckily, she was infinetly patient, and ignored poor little Barilla most of the time, looking at her like a gnat that couldn' be bothered with...


From: Tinygriffon1 Sent: 19/11/2003 20:34
I hate humping!

My younger, more dominant and assertive and generally thug-like Whippet sometimes humps our older, sweeter, more submissive Whip. It's so gross!

They were each neutered at about 6 months and Dasher never humps. I think I'd fall over if he did.

I know they can't help it, but it's so....blechie and embarrassing!!

From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 19/11/2003 20:47
You want embarrassing? Try explaining to the neighbors why my girl, Bambi, often humps my boy, Rudolph. Oh the comments I've gotten, like "I guess she likes it on top," etc..., etc.., She has a go at him at least twice a day, and that's just what I see."

From: WildAbout_Whippets Sent: 19/11/2003 20:59

I had to laugh at your post. It reminded me of my girl, Genie. The second time Genie was bred, she was hooked up with a 'virgin' stud She had to show him how it was done (more than once). I was soooo embarrassed! I wasn't around for her first breeding, but I guess she was pretty assertive for her first time. My sweet, innocent,calm girl is really a loose, sassy, dominatrix (sp). I am trying to come up with appropriate words for a G-rated board

Annie & Genie (who can turn any boy into a stud)

From: westiesandwhippets Sent: 19/11/2003 21:12
That is hilarious. I was cracking up reading that. I am so not looking forward to the humping stuff. I hope Chester isn't to happy with that.

I am so sick today and thank you for the laugh...............


From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 19/11/2003 22:03


You brazen and wanton slut! LOL.


I wasn't prepared for that. That was so funny I almost spewed my hot tea on the computer. I'm glad to know Bambi isn't the only brazen hussy out there.

From: Tinygriffon1 Sent: 20/11/2003 03:11
LOL about both Bambi and Genie!! I guess I should consider myself lucky.


From: chelynnah Sent: 20/11/2003 10:40
This is a great thread - just to let everyone know I've added it to the archives.

Now my experience with humping (or should I say my DOGS humping LOL)

Humping is mostly about dominance. It's not so much about who IS the alpha, though, as who WANTS to be the alpha. The top dog doesn't need to tell everyone it is the top dog - it just IS and a top dog who manages well doesn't bother much with all of that stuff.

Chelsea is 6. She was an only dog for 3 years. When we got Savannah, we wanted a dog that wouldn't be overly submissive and would know how to give as good as she got, but we also didn't necessarily want to displace Chelsea either. We figured we would let them work it out over time. As Savvy was getting older obviously Chelsea was still the top dog - and Savvy would submit to her no matter how silly Chelsea was being. However by about the time that Savannah was coming into her first season (18 months) Chelsea's attitude was changing too. You could see her being a bit more wary of Savvy. And you could see Savvy decided that there were times she was NOT going to take any crap from Chelsea. Normally she would just let Chelsea take a toy from her and she'd find another one - but now she started to stand her ground more when it was a toy she wanted to keep. And CHELSEA would be the one to back down.

What has happened now, we think, is that Savannah is the 'alpha' of the two - but she lets Chelsea generally get on with stuff and lets Chelsea 'think' she's the alpha. Chelsea acts like she is, but if there is a confrontation she will now be the one who backs down (confrontation is rare). Chelsea will now often hump Savvy though when she's wanting to be boss. For example at agility class unfortunately Savannah's class is first. Chelsea will sit and sulk through Savannah's class, but when it's Chelsea's turn to go she spends most of her class humping Savannah as if to tell her 'see it's MY turn - I'M the boss'. I'm not kidding!!!!

My agility instructor is also an animal behavoiurist and she said that Savannah is exactly the perfect example of a good alpha. She doens't assert herself unless it's important, she just lets Chelsea get on with whatever until it's something worth arguing about.

We always assumed it would switch with Chelsea being spayed and Savannah being intact, and we were worried, but overall they've sorted it out well between themselves, and the humping - well that's a fact of life and we've started to encourage Savannah to tell Chelsea off when she's doing it rather than us getting her off.


From: skeezix123 Sent: 20/11/2003 13:25
Ha! My husband thinks he is the alpha, but, we won't tell him who the real boss is will we. LOL


From: BrigitteGreen Sent: 20/11/2003 15:08
Hey Wendy, et al.,

Good description. Part of me actually thinks Bambi is more a Wannabe than actually Alpha, but the status in my household remains unclear, even after Rudolph has been part of the family for over two years now.

I have done more lately to make Bambi the Alpha. Is it right for me to do this? Is human intervention proper in a case like this? I just feel MY life would be easier if she is the Alpha because Bambi never challenges me and Rudolph sometimes does. For instance, he'll bark at me if he wants me to hurry up and get ready to go out. I tend to bark back at him in that case.

If my deciding who is Alpha is proper, I'm not even sure I'm doing it right. I put her dish down about two seconds before Rudolph's goes down, but first nonetheless. I put her coat and leash on first when we're going for walks. As I say my goodbyes in the morning, I give her the first goodbye pet and kiss.

I'm sure her humping is more about dominance than anything else. Do you think she's humping because she wants to be dominant or because she is dominant? Rudolph never humps, but I personally would prefer him to be the Beta.

It's so confusing. What to do? I'd love some advice on this topic, particularly because I am having a problem with them at the moment.

When I first let the two of them out into the yard to chase squirrels, they'll fly out of the house like bats out of hell, barking at each other and will often get into a fight. Rudolph makes the most noise, but Bambi gives as good as she gets. Well, yesterday, Bambi apparently gave it all she had because Rudolph came back with a rather nasty cut on his side. It's nothing that requires stitches or anything but still, I'm very upset about it and afraid it will leave a scar.
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