About Whippet World

About Whippet World

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We are an active group of Whippet lovers from all over the world. This is a forum where we share information, pictures and enjoy Whippet talk and we welcome all whippet fanciers. Whether you are a pet owner, breeder, show or coursing enthusiast, or even if you just like whippets...you are encouraged to be a part of our community. And all members pets (whether whippets or not) are honorary whippets under Whippet World rules!

So please join us, make your self at home and enjoy! Post an intro to the message board, share your photos of your 4-legged loved ones, and feel free to start and participate in discussions. You'll find our members friendly and supportive.

A Quick History

Whippet World opened its doors as an MSN Group in December 2002. It was the vision of Lisa McKee (KanDu Whippets) to have an online community where whippet lovers from every area of whippet'dom could come together to have a safe and friendly place where we could share our love for this breed, learn from each other, and where even 'hot button' issues could be discussed without setting off the usual deluge of flame wars. A vision which she succeeded in achieving, and for that every single one of us thanks her for her willingness to try something new. Many of us thought 'oh no - not another Whippet list', but joined anyway, only to discover that it was anything BUT 'just another whippet list, that there was something very special about this particular community, and it continued to grow year after year, drawing whippet lovers from all over the world.

When MSN announced in late 2008 that they would be closing down MSN Groups, the management team decided to take the opportunity to move in a new direction with the board format, and created our own website and board. We hope that the members will enjoy this new step forward in our journey, while finding that the ethos of Whippet World remains the same.

Please click HERE to meet our Management Team.

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