Henry Rose

Henry Rose

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Henry Rose

Henry Rose quietly passed away in his sleep, early Sunday morning, March 22, 2009. His head was on a pillow next to mine and Chippie was tucked in between us. Henry had been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur last year and was slowly declining. Henry was 11 years old. Henry was adopted through WRAP Rescue after he had been found as a stray. We will miss our bunny soft, lumpy bumpy, big daddy dog. We will miss the sound of his little sharp chirp when company arrives and his humping of the housemates to keep them in line. Henry is survived by Poppy, Sky, Lucy, Noah Bones & Chippie, along with dear friends, Billy Bones, Scout, Dash, Mehl and Anna, Nula & Paddy, Russia, Coco, Sergio and Marcus. Private service has been held. Cremation at the Oregon Humane Society.

Lori Rose - Portland, Oregon USA
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

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