Questions On Dermal Hemangiosarcoma

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Questions On Dermal Hemangiosarcoma

Postby ginnyk » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:44 pm

Hi everyone!
I have just recently joined, but have come to Whippet World numerous times for research/answers to some of my questions.

I wanted to post to see what others have experienced with Dermal Hemangiosarcoma.
My 4 year old, Leo, had a spot removed on his hind leg last week and we received the results yesterday that it was in fact Dermal Hemangiosarcoma. Our vet did not seem too concerned, she said that the parameters were clean and mentioned it was potentially "curative". So I guess that is positive?

Naive as it may be, I wasn't even aware that this was something Whippets are susceptible to. My two kiddos are major sun bathers, are both white, and boy do I feel so much guilt for not being more aware.

All the research I have done has mortified me, though I know it being on the skin has the best prognosis of all Hemangiosarcomas.

I am going to another vet today for a second opinion and to get a bit more information on what to expect in the future.

Has anyone been through this with their whippets? Specifically the Dermal type? What has your experience been? How long did your whippet live after treatment? Did it metastasize?

Do any of you have any suggestions to ask our vet or what to do in the future to try to stay on top of the progression of this?

Thank you so much for your answers and support! This looks like a really great community.
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Re: Questions On Dermal Hemangiosarcoma

Postby MarciaInNM » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:02 am

Hi Ginny,

You've gotten it removed, and will remain on the lookout for any new growths. Get in the habit of taking a good look at him, especially his undercarriage and lightly furred areas each time you trim his nails. Along with managing their sun exposure, that's about all you can do.

Living in the very sunny southwest, I've had several whippets develop a small hemangioma or hemangiosarcoma and had it removed promptly. Mostly hemangiomas.

The only whippet that went on to develop internal hemangiosarcoma was my first dog, Chloe. She was 9. It's still upsetting to talk about what happened to her, and she's the reason I have any little growth removed from my whippets.

My two 11 year olds are going in to the vet on Tuesday to have some little things removed under a local that you'd probably never notice on a dog with more hair. It stresses me out too much to leave growths on.

Good luck to Leo, and hopefully no further issues will pop up!

Here's one more link you may have run across in your research: ... reyhounds/
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Re: Questions On Dermal Hemangiosarcoma

Postby PAWhippets » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:19 pm

Hi, Ginny. As Marcia said, you've done the important thing of having the growth removed, and will know be vigilant about watching for more. It is difficult with Whippets who love to sunbathe, and particularly white ones. We only have one, Weaver, who is white, and he (unlike our others) has grown all sorts of lumps and bumps. So far we have been very fortunate in that none of them has turned out to be anything malignant. They aspirate anything new that we find to determine whether it is something that would need to come off, but have advised against removing generally (except for one that looked suspicious, but very luckily ended up not to be) especially as he's getting older, now 12, unless they are bothering him.

Sending lots of good thoughts for Leo!

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