Darby & Tilly

Darby & Tilly

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Ch. Woodsmoke Promises 'N Lies
December 22, 1995 - July 21, 2006


BIS Ch. Woodsmoke Fleeting Moment
September 2, 1994 - April 21, 2005

Owning a whippet will change your life. They wrap themselves around you in such a way that you are never the same person again. They have you from the very first ‘whippet’ hug and continue to rule your life and heart from that day on. They are regal and elegant, kind and gentle, soft and affectionate, playful and foolish, sensitive and loving. Their big brown eyes are gateways to a beautiful soul. They are the very best hot-water bottles on cold winter nights. They are caring friends who lick away your tears and help to mend your broken heart. When you are lucky enough to be loved unconditionally by a whippet, you are indeed blessed. In memory of our two beautiful friends, Tilly and Darby. We know that the two of you are curled up together, under all the covers, in the comfiest spot in heaven.

Loved and missed everyday by their family,
Jaime, Chris, Kathleen, and "Brio"
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