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April 4, 1993 - November 24, 2003
He wasn't a whippet, just the sweetest mixed breed I've ever known.


Come, sit beside me on this sand, and take
My head betwixt thy hands, and kiss my cheeks,
And wash them with thy tears and say: My son!
Quick! quick! for number'd are my sands of life
And swift; for like the lightning to this field
I came, and like the wind I go away -
Sudden, and swift, and like a passing wind.
But it was writ in Heaven that this should be.
from the epic poem, "Sohrab and Rustum," by Matthew Arnold

Seeking a dog with his type of personality is what led me to whippets, and my little pup, Ruhe.

You were a good dog, Chance.

Loved and missed by-

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